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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Extras (2)

I found this while wandering down Internet Lane the other night.

Click on the link below and then scroll down to "Will's Treason" by yours truly.  That'll take you to three sample chapters from what could be considered an early draft of Who Killed William Shakespeare?

These chapters were uploaded onto the Authonomy website in 2009.  Other writers from around the world were able to read the chapters and then post their comments.  I never took these chapters down, so the comments still exist.  Somehow or other, "Eponymous Rox" found the chapters and linked to them on her (his?) website - et voila!!

Think of this, if you will, as a sort of taster.  Or, in the spirit of the DVD extra (see previous post), as a sort of demo recording for the future album.

There, now.  Don't say I'm not treating you!

(Oh, and my folks dropped by earlier today, so I was able to present them with a signed copy of the book, which is dedicated to them both.  Nice feeling.)

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