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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Extras (1)

I'm conscious that, in this day and age, DVDs and even CDs tend to come with a range of "extras".

You know the sort of thing: deleted scenes, director's commentary, original theatrical trailer ...

So, in the spirit of modern marketing, I've decided to celebrate the publication of Who Killed William Shakespeare? by posting a couple of "extras" here on the blog.

First up - if you have a few readies to spare, why not treat yourself, or someone you love, to a limited edition bronze bust of the Bard himself?  Each one of these items is named after one of Will's plays (thereby limiting the number in existence), so each one is entirely unique.

Click below to visit the SHAKESPEARE ART website.  It's a family thing: I've got my Art and Will site, while my brother has his Shakespeare Art site, with a whole gallery of original artworks pertaining to Shakespeare's Warwickshire.  Why not have a browse?

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