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Friday, 27 September 2013

Booksquawk Review

Busy, busy, busy ... mostly working on The Grail; Relic of an Ancient Religion for Moon Books and finding more and more evidence that Arthur's last battle was fought in Strathmore, around the town of Alyth.  More evidence, in fact, than I could get into one chapter.

But that's all work-in-progress, and I'll happily update you as we go along.  For now, though, as it's Friday, I would very much like to share with you this excellent review, just in, of Who Killed William Shakespeare?

There's an interview to go with the review - this becoming the new normal, these days, where the reviewer has some degree of contact with the author - and that'll be online shortly.

Now, I know that the most popular post I ever wrote was my recent one about Amazon reviews and the iniquitous behaviour of certain people on that site.  In the case of the Booksquawk review, as posted above, I will hasten to say that I met the reviewer for the first time at the Who Killed William Shakespeare? book launch in Stratford a month ago.  But I knew him well enough online as a fellow author to expect a thoroughly objective and honest appraisal of my book.  Which, I believe, is what he has done.  And it's a good 'un.


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