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Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Grail goes live!

It's started!

The first chapter of the new work-in-progress is available to read FOR FREE online:

All being well, there will be a new chapter up every month until, twelve months from now, the book is complete and you'll be able to buy the whole thing (which, of course, you'll be desperate to do!)

So, here it is: THE WASTE LAND.  Chapter One of "The Grail: Relic of an Ancient Religion".  Comments are welcome and will be part of the ongoing feedback loop which should help and guide me as I work my way through the ensuing chapters.

And a big shout out to Lloyd Canning who provided the special image of the Grail.  All enquiries to the usual email address.  There'll be more artworks from Lloyd accompanying each successive chapter - so plenty to look forward to.


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