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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

You Should Never Judge a Book ...

... by its cover.

Oh, go on then - just this once you can make an exception.

This is the new cover for my book about Arthur, and I don't know about you but I think it's rather good.  No, better than that.  It's excellent.

Huge thanks to the team at The History Press.

Having a cover means that the whole thing feels that bit more real.  And, with any luck, this is just the sort of cover that will attract readers.

How about you?  Would you want to pick this up, leaf through, and hand over your hard-earned readies so that you could own a copy?

Let's hope so.

The book has already been described as "without doubt the best book I've read on the Arthurian subjects" and "not like any I've read before, a really good combination of readability and scholarly content".

An American postgraduate student, who has been reading the manuscript in preparation for his doctoral thesis, has had this to say about it:

"I must say that I am truly impressed with the amount of work that must have gone into this project.  I would also like to commend you for your style, thorough yet entertaining, complex but easy to read at once ... I also must say that I am going to have to read the text more than once.  It is so rich in detail that it will be impossible to digest it all in just a reading a reading or two.  This is good and is meant as another compliment.

"Your book should do well and will be a bit controversial, I imagine.  This will get it circulating! ... I also wanted to mention that I, on several occasions, was reminded of Frazer's The Golden Bough and Graves's The White Goddess while reading your book."

Well, between you and me, I don't really mind being compared with Frazer and Graves, two literary giants of comparative religion.

But whether or not everyone who dips into it feels the same way, I certainly believe that the cover lives up to the hype.

Anyway, enough blowing of one's own trumpet.  More new revelations on their way.  Keep watching this space, folks!

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