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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Won't Be Long Now

It's taken nearly eight years.

Thousands of miles, hundreds of references, dozens of rewrites and several languages.

And now, at last, I'm nearly there.  My book about ARTHUR will be completed in just a few weeks.  Give it a month or so, I reckon.

I'm finalising the last chapters now.  There'll be a prologue and an appendix to write, a bibliography and an index to compile, and there's a list of maps to be completed.  I'm also toying with a time-line and a who's who.  Maybe even a family tree or two.  And, of course, the cover.

One of the first things I'll be posting in this blog is the cover design.  It'll be good to get some feedback on it.

But, after all this time, the book is nearly there.  Sometime this autumn - 2011 - it'll go on sale.  And for the first time, people will be able to read up on who the greatest hero in British history really was.

Yes, for the first time in history!  The book explains why Arthur went missing, why so many people imagine that he was based in southern Britain, and why some experts doubt that he ever existed at all.  There are some shocking conclusions.  I'm fully aware that this book could create a bit of a fuss.  Some people will not be happy about the revelations.

But anyone who has the slightest interest in Arthur and his legends will find pretty much everything they need to know: where was Camelot?  The Round Table?  Where did Arthur fight his battles, against whom, and when?  Where was the Isle of Avalon, and where can we see his grave?

I'm looking forward to sharing this all.  This blog will keep you up-to-date on developments, both with the ARTHUR book and my subsequent work on Shakespeare (that's taken even longer - about twenty-five years, at the last count).  But it's ARTHUR first.

I'll keep you posted via this blog.  Any questions, my email address is at the top of the page.  And if you feel like sharing any blogposts, just go to the bottom of the screen.

The countdown has started.  It'll be out there in time for Christmas.

Welcome to the blog.

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